Iulara: the war for ascension.

Consisting of two massive continents with many small islands dotting the seas in between, Iulara is a diverse world. From the techno-centric city of Gallowdale to the subterranean Utopia known as Andorhal, the sentient races tend to live well. There is relative peace and harmony throughout the world while the gods remain in balance as nobody can afford to waste valuable military resources for the inevitable war every 100 years or so. Small skirmishes are certainly not unheard of but for the most part the inhabitants of Iulara are content to stockpile resources and research within their large cities.

Religion in Iulara is very fluid. Because the Gods are known to be finite, the major religions do not worship individual gods. There are god cults that rise and fall but far more common are temples to individual elements. However, there is a fairly large denomination of worshipers or Iulara, the original goddess.

The war for ascension is what shapes the lives of all. With the promise of divinity so tangible those with a tendency towards the arcane tend to devote their entire life to their pursuits. Even those without magical nature have a vested interest in the outcome of the war. Certain primal elements can mean an age of prosperity for some or famine and economic downturn for others. As such, the war is a primary concern for all inhabitants of Iulara. When the time for a new war to begin arrives, warriors rally under the banners of powerful mages, each with their champion, and the land is torn apart by conflict.

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